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KEYPOWER Attended Cummins CCEC Annual Event


Last week, on March 29, KEYPOWER was privileged to attend the Cummins CCEC Annual Event in Zhuhai. A pivotal event showcasing the strong partnership between Cummins and their top enterprises partners.

Alongside many outstanding peers, we reviewed our collaboration with Cummins in 2023 and look forward to deepening our partnership in 2024. Our General Manager, Leo, and Sales Director, Lily, attended the event.

(Sales Director Lily signing in at the event)

As the Cummins official OEM maker. We are immensely grateful for Cummins unwavering support over the past year. It has been a journey of technical exchanges, resource sharing, and a shared vision for the future. This support has been crucial in enabling KEYPOWER to grow and progress steadily.

In the past year, KEYPOWER was proud of collaborating with Cummins on various power generation projects, showcasing the reliability and performance of Cummins engines and KEYPOWER generator. One notable project involved the delivery of 12 containerized generator sets in 20-foot containers, all equipped with Cummins KTA-38 and KTA-50 series engines along with Stamford alternators. These units were further enhanced with spring shock absorbers and black smoke purifiers to meet the demanding power requirements of projects in the Middle East.

And this is the production process of another project, involved with 6 containerized generator sets powered by Cummins KTA50-G3 engines.

These projects shows how Cummins is the preferred choice for many clients when it comes to selecting high-power industrial generator sets. The seamless integration of Cummins engines with KEYPOWER generator sets not only ensures reliable power supply but also demonstrates our commitment to delivering top-quality and professionbal power solutions to our clients.

Looking back on this successful collaboration with Cummins, we are proud of the innovation we have completed together and we are excited about the prospects of our continued collaboration, striving together towards top-tier power solutions and further milestones with Cummins.

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