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How to perform diesel generator maintenance? 5 tips to ensure stable operation at all times


Tip 1 – Change the oil regularly

The most important aspect of diesel generator maintenance is to change the oil regularly, just like changing the oil in a vehicle. We recommend changing the engine oil every 50 to 200 hours, depending on a variety of factors. Some factors that affect the frequency of oil changes are:

Diesel generator brand

Diesel generator frequency

Under what circumstances to use diesel generators

Of course, diesel generator sets require fewer oil changes because they burn cleaner than some older models. In general, if you are running a diesel generator in a dusty environment, you may need to change the oil more frequently, as dust particles can collect with the oil and cause blockages.

Tip 2 – Keep Diesel Generators Clean

The rotor and stator are the two parts inside a diesel generator that work together to generate electricity. These parts often collect dust and debris during operation. Allowing these parts to collect too much debris can cause the generator to not be as efficient as it should be and potentially burn out more quickly. You can remove dust from your generator by cleaning the air filter, no matter how often you use the generator, we recommend checking the filter weekly for dust. If you are using a diesel generator in a dusty area, we recommend that you check and clean your air filters more often.

Tip 3 – Start diesel generators regularly

Most diesel generators people have can be used as backup generators if the power fails, but what do you do if the backup generator fails? Since generators are often used as a backup power source, they can sometimes go without power for months or even years, so to ensure the generator can start in an emergency when you need it, we recommend starting it:

Make sure it is lubricated with oil

Charge the battery

Running well

But the most important aspect of starting a generator is making sure it's working properly and you can get power in an emergency.

Tip 4 – Load Testing

A load test is a series of tests performed on your generator to ensure that your backup power source can carry the load. Annual load tests are recommended, these tests will determine how well the generator is working and potentially show any minor problems with the generator before they become major problems.

Tip 5 – Install in the right place

If you have a backup diesel generator, one of the most important aspects of generator maintenance is installing the equipment in the correct location, and our generator experts recommend:

Ensure the ventilation effect of the machine room

Make sure there is enough fuel

Install the diesel generator in a cool and dry place to avoid rust and prolong the service life

Additional generator protection such as generator sheds, tents and shipping containers or mute boxes can all be purchased separately to ensure your generators receive maximum protection while in storage. Following the guidelines above and investing in extra protection can prevent any timely and costly repairs to your generator. If you want to know more about the maintenance of diesel generators or are preparing to purchase diesel generator sets, please contact us, we can provide you with diesel generator design, research and development, sales to diesel generator installation, One-stop service such as maintenance.

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